Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox Mist


Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox Mist

Sesderma Resveraderm Antiox Mist

Antioxidant, repair of cellular DNA, delays signs of premature aging Mist is a new range of preparations based on a completely innovative solution. Additionally, Mist form facilitates, accelerates and enhances penetration of active ingredients into the skin after release of liquid. Very fine droplets of the formulation provide an immediate relaxing and refreshing effect. The skin becomes soft, smooth, lively, with a distinctly younger appearance.

Furthermore, Liposomes are bubbles of identical composition as human body cells. They can be enclosed with active ingredients, which in this way are transferred without risk of oxidation or degradation to the place of release in the dermis. Specially designed atomizer facilitates application. In addition, with a small amount of preparation form a haze, which covers the entire face. Despite its small capacity, one pack will last for one month of use (on the face).

New generation of antioxidants thanks to the application of nanotechnology, innovative technology which achieves the transport of active ingredients encapsulated in nanosomes, to the deepest layers of the skin and enhance their effects. However, it protects the skin from daily environmental aggressions (stress, fatigue…) and corrects the skin at night, reducing wrinkles and improving tone and luminosity.


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