Sesderma C-VIT Advance Ampoules/Ampollas


Sesderma C-VIT Advance Ampoules/Ampollas

Sesderma C-VIT Advance Ampoules/Ampollas

Hyperpigmented skin, treatment of choice in very strong melanic pigmentation: Treatment of stubborn stains. Clear spots of different etiology: solar, melasma, pregnancy, aging, freckles. In addition, prevents the appearance of new hyperpigmentation.

Its conduction through nanosomes technology makes assets penetrate at a deeper level, being released gradually, homogenising the skin tone and reducing skin pigmentations.

Not recommended in pregnant women. Protects skin from photo-aging and oxidation. Favors tanning and provides a uniform tone in all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Also contains Lutein, Coenzyme Q10, Vine Extract, Vitamin E, Zinc, Manganese and Selenium.

This mesotherapy product is key for a radiant aspect, in a single step. The innovation of is not only its composition, but also the new patented Caregen technology of “Sustained Release Technology” – works 14 days after application

Restore your skin after a hard day’s work and look fab at an afterwork event, at a dinner or family party.

Each ampoule is a dose of instant beauty, luminosity and healthy aspect. Indicated for all skin types, although people with oily skin might need to wipe the excess product with a tissue just after applying the ampoule and before applying make-up.



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