Perfectha Deep Injectable Hyaluronic Acid


Perfectha Deep Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

Perfectha Deep Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

This product is a hyaluronic acid gel filler, designed to help deeper lines including folds. With a cross-linking rate of 90%, the gel is injected into the deep dermis (the deepest layer of skin). Designed to create a deep volume filler effect in the face to cover folds and more established wrinkles rooting from the deepest layer of the skin dermis.

Perfectha Derm is injected into the mid dermis and is aimed at treating moderate wrinkles, including frown lines and deeper furrows around the eyes and mouth. It can also be used to add contour and volume to lips. It is expected to last 6 to 12 months.

Any one seeking a dermal filler for their lifestyle, is sure to be spoilt for choice at Dermal Clinik. As our most popular category, it features a wide range of branded products to treat a variety of needs, from fine lines to deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

The perfect solution for smoothing out wrinkles is animal free Hyaluronic Acid in the form of a safe biodegradable gel which is prevalent in the majority of our featured dermal fillers. Knowing it is completely safe with no surgery required to eliminate wrinkles is the perfect solution to every ageing persons requirements.


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