Monalisa Ultra Type Lidocaine


Monalisa Ultra Type Lidocaine

Monalisa Ultra Type Lidocaine

For ultra-excellent, ultra-durable and ultra-impressive face sculpting results, rely on Monalisa Ultra – a world-class skin filler that can be used for nasal augmentation, skin and facial countering. With this residue-free, industry-approved skin rejuvenation product, treatment comes with minimal risks and skin elasticity and density improve in the most natural and harmless way possible. It was produced by globally renowned brand Genoss and its cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid particles prevent implant migration.

Suitable for Nasal Augmentation and Chin & Facial Oval

  • Appearance: No impurities, transparent and colourless gel
  • Concentration: 24mg/mL
  • Lidocaine Concentration: 0.3%
  • Particle Size: 900㎛
  • Syringe Volume: 1.0mL
  • Recommended Indication: Deep to very deep layer of subcutis
  • Needle Size: 25G, 27GTW
  • Storage: 2-25°C

This product is a highly effective product and any skin rejuvenation treatment carried out with it does not lead to any harmful undesired side effects. That is because this is a quality medical product which has the following properties and characteristics:

  • 100% biologically compatible with the human body;
  • Free of animal-based HA;
  • Contains no traces of the risky chemical BDDE;
  • It is naturally decomposed by the patient’s body;
  • Undergoes a thorough purification process.

This product has passed the global standard quality control with flying colors and its application has been officially approved by all the necessary industry regulators. The only contraindication that it has concerns patients who suffer from glabellar necrosis or an active infection, as well as those who are allergic to lidocaine or skin fillers.


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