HAppyCross Cross-Linked Sodium Hyaluronate


HAppyCross Cross-Linked Sodium Hyaluronate

HAppyCross Cross-Linked Sodium Hyaluronate

HAppyCross is intended for improve the performance of your joint fluid and persist in your joint for much longer than conventional first generation hyaluronic acid.

With an optimal volume (2.2ml) and composed of a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (1.6% per syringe), extremely viscous and elastic as well as a powerful antioxidant, mannitol (77 mg per syringe)

Mannitol, by its antioxidant effect, slows down the degradation of hyaluronic acid by free radicals, moreover it allows to have a local analgesic effect.
This therefore only requires one injection.

Regarding the effectiveness
HAppyCross is 85% crosslinked, which allows to offer better mechanical performance and to increase the residence time in the joint while protecting the hyaluronic acid from degradation.

Studies carried out on the injection of hyaluronic acid for osteoarthritis of the ankle, hip and shoulder have made it possible, in general, to observe a reduction in pain and stiffness with an improvement in mobility for 6 to 12 months depending on the severity of the osteoarthritis.

The rate of degradation of cartilage is reduced.
However, injecting hyaluronic acid will not cure your osteoarthritis, no known treatment is currently capable of this.

For the hip, studies show the beneficial effect of a single injection of cross-linked hyaluronic acid in patients with coxarthrosis.

For the ankle, the majority of published studies have demonstrated the good efficacy at 6 months of an intra-articular hyaluronic injection.

For the shoulder, it is centered osteoarthritis that responds favorably to injections of hyaluronic acid. Some studies show an interest in the use of hyaluronic acid in tendon pathology.

Due to the very fine size of the needles, the injection is usually almost painless.


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