Fillmed Pre Peel 100ml


Fillmed Pre Peel 100ml

Fillmed Pre Peel 100ml is formulated to balance the skin pH before peeling procedures. For professional use only, the bottle of 100ml contains a degreasing formula that will lower the skin’s pH levels to 4.

Furthermore, removing all signs of grease, impurities, and make up, by using cotton swabs, the pores are then ready to absorb the active ingredients of peeling procedures.

However, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and penetration of peeling ingredients is highly effective thereafter. Moreover, the skin is balanced at an optimum pH level appropriate for peeling procedures to be carried out.

A bottle of 100ml Post Peel solution, suitable for application with cotton swabs or a gauze compression to skin is initiated to begin the healing process to regenerate skin cells quickly.

Filorga Post Peel contains Sodium Hydrogen and Dextran Sulfate to aid the neutralisation process for post treatment of peeling. The results are effective pH adjustment.

Basic Properties The main Filorga Pre Peel ingridients include gluconolactone, sodium methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, and water. These components help the next stage of chemical peeling to deeper penetrate and cleanse the skin surface. The remedy is adjusts the pH of the skin, making the procedure safer and more comfortable for the client. It also cleans it, removing different contaminations in like makeup and excess fat. Filorga filler ingredients are suitable for all skin types.


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