Apriline Normal (1x1ml)


Apriline Normal (1x1ml)

Apriline Normal (1x1ml) is a universal preparation dedicated to filling deep and fine lines and lips. Thanks to its unique formula, it arranges itself well in the tissues, giving the possibility of plastic work with the preparation.

Moreover, Apriline Normal is the versatile dermal filler, formulated to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and depressions throughout many areas of the face. The only exception being the areas adjacent to the eyes. It is easy to administer with very little to no discomfort for the consumers.

However, like other Apriline products, it delivers radiant and revitalized skin. The results are immediate and the effects are long lasting. It is a filler based on cross-linked HA acid, dedicated to filling shallow and medium wrinkles and modeling lips.

In addition, as a result, this dermal fillers product is exceptionally clean chemically and biologically. Therefore very safe for the patient, not only immediately after administration, but also in the long period after the procedure. 

Finally, it is a medium viscosity preparation, which means that it stays securely at the application site. Being the perfect solution for the correction of furrows and lip filling without the risk of migration of the preparation.


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